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Let's talk about Health Care Reform

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the decision for proper heath insurance coverage has become more challenging.  In addition to the obvious question "can I keep my doctor?" other factors--including income--will determine the price you pay for insurance.  Not knowing which rules to follow could lead to penalties and high out of pocket expenses.

Imagine having a highly trained professional that has an incentive to look out for your interests...


We have received numerous calls from individuals that did not seek the advice of an agent when selecting a plan, and are now asking for help to fix their situation.


Many people made disastrous choices because of a lack of knowledge of the Affordable Care Act, including Cost Sharing Reductions with lower copays. Some signed up for a plan their doctor did not accept, or didn’t cover their mediations. Others chose a plan that did not properly apply the subsidy they were entitled to.


The good news is the consumers can benefit from the experience of our independent agent--certified to sell the Marketplace health plans. The better news is that there is no cost or obligation for this service. All agent compensation is paid to the insurance company, regardless of which plan you choose. 

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