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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do your plans cover pre-existing conditions?
Answer:    Whether or not a pre-existing condition is covered depends on the following factors:
          1. What is the condition and current treatment for it.
          2. Which company you will be applying for coverage with
          3. Do you presently have a health plan
By working with many companies we can recommend the one most likely to cover you.

Question: Can I choose my own doctor?
Answer: All of our companies have very large networks. So, there is a very good chance your doctor takes one of our plans. We recommend visiting the different company pages at our website and looking through the Provider Directories to see which plans your doctor accepts.

Question: Will my rates go up?
Answer: Health Insurance rates historically go up each year. All of the plans we have come with a rate guarantee of 6 or 12 months. Because we work with the largest companies that insure millions of clients, the amount of increase is usually reasonable. However, because we are an independent agency, we will review your coverage if your rate does increase to see if another plan would provide a better value.

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